This post is mostly for my aunts in Korea and other family who are dying to see the new “toys” my parents got this past week. For quite a few years now my mom and dad have been wanting to get a 5th wheel trailer so that they could go camping and traveling around the US in comfort and style. Their dreams have finally come to fruition this past week when they bought this:



yeah, we used to be able to park at my parents’ house. Here’s some pics of the interior:

This is the living room/kitchen area when you look to the left upon entering.


This is the entertainment center complete with flat screen TV and dvd/cd player on the far end of the living room area.


The view of the kitchen which is just off of the living room area. It has a stove, sink, microwave, and plenty of cabinets.


This view (from the kitchen area) shows the bedroom. The cabinet on the right-side is the shoe and coat closet. The cabinet on the left-hand side is actually the fridge. Not shown is the dining room table on the left (across from the kitchen).


Here’s a closer view of the bedroom complete with queen size bed, wardrobes and drawers, shower, and toilet.



By now you’re probably noticing Maya like in every shot beautifully modeling off the rooms…..


Standing in the room and looking back out, here is a view of the shower and vanity area. The toilet room is on the left hand side (not shown).



Here’s a better view of the dining area next to the living room area.


So, how are they going to pull this thing you ask? Here’s some pics of my dad’s new Chevy Silverado.


Some cool things about the trailer are that the bedroom and living room area are expandable. If you look carefully at the exterior of the trailer pictures above, you can see where the trailer is expanded out. There’s also a 12 ft. awning off the entrance for when you want to sit outside and want some shade. And if you want to listen to some music while your out there, no problem, there’s surround sound speakers out there too. There’s a small outdoor cooking station as well. 

So, I’ve been telling my parents that Daniel and I would be more than happy to move out into the trailer and free up some space in the house but they just laugh at me.