While we were in Seoul we met a lot of people who were from different countries besides Korea. They came from everywhere, China, Japan, Indonesia, France…everywhere. When Daniel was studying at Seoul National University he befriended a girl from China named Summer. She was such a wonderful friend to us and we still keep in contact with her. Through her we met another friend from China named Zhao Nan (we called him Shaun). He was doing his doctorate in Art at Seoul National University. He took us on a tour of his studio at the university and explained the process of his artwork. I guess he travels down to the southern part of Korea and collects special dirt and uses that dirt to make his own paint. Well, before we left from Seoul he invited us to the opening of his exhibition in downtown Seoul.  Here are some pics of his awesome artwork. 


Do you recognize this face? The model for this painting was Summer!


there were a lot of other ones that I wished I would have gotten pictures of! It was so great to see his work displayed in a gallery!