Time to dust off the old blog and break out the birthday party hats. We have a new baby girl! She was born last week and weighed in at over 9 lbs. Despite being much heavier than our first, Maya, who was around 7 3/4 lbs, labor went much quicker and easier for Marquita–must have been the experience and conditioning gained from the first time. Anyway, we are grateful. 

We’ve named our new little one Viviana, and based on her feeding routine, she is voracious. She is also amazingly beautiful and just a bundle of joy.  Of course that is based on our extremely biased view, and also on the comments of others. I don’t think anyone would tell us if they thought she was ugly, but it wouldn’t phase us anyway. As for Marquita and I as parents, and Maya as a big sister, we are beaming with pride. 

Without further adieu, the baby of our affection: