Well, I guess I can officially be considered a liar. I promised more posts on my parents’ trip to Korea and I have yet to do it! But, it will come…it will come. I wanted to get on here and write a quick update though. For the past few weeks we have been scrambling to get our affairs in order and to get packed for our big move back to the United States. We spent a wonderful and unforgettable 15 months in Korea and now we are back in the ol’ US of A. As far as airplane trips go, it was pretty uneventful. But to me, it marked the end of a chapter on our lives. I was shocked when I got back to my hometown in Utah, not because much has changed—-hardly anything has in the past year and a half—-but because I have changed in so many ways.  Of course it is nice to be back to see family and visit with friends, don’t get us wrong, we are glad to be doing that. But, leaving Korea was a really hard decision for us. It is so true that with a little curiosity and acceptance, home can be anywhere. Everywhere you go, there are good points and bad..sometimes really bad.. and Korea, like any other place had those points. But we love Korea and we love all the people and experiences that made her special to us. 

So, what’s next you might ask. Well, that’s a question we are answering even as I type. We know that we will be in Utah until the Fall, there will be a new baby in our house,  and then we are off to Grad school to start another chapter. Where? Probably either Canada or Hong Kong. I guess we’ll see and we will definitely keep you posted.

Dare I say that we will add more pictures of all the great things we were involved in in Korea before we left? Or will I just condemn myself? I had my last gayageum concert, Daniel finished his work at the University and with Maya’s school, we visited a ton of friends  and family…well, I’ll just add all that to the queue of things I still need to write about.