Oh my gosh, you know the weeks fly by and yet again I am the the laziest blog writer ever. We have a whole mother load of pictures and stories (thanks to my father-in-law’s 2nd visit to Seoul and my parents visit as well). But, before all of that–which is coming soon….I hope…..I have an important announcement. 

We found out a couple of weeks ago that we are officially having a girl! “Officially” meaning in the doctor-visit-before-last my friend and I were able to convince the doctor to tell me the sex of the baby since I wasn’t a Korean national. He tried and tried and couldn’t get a clear look but said that he thought it might be a girl. This last visit the doctor was for sure it was a girl and promptly told me to get pink ready.

And you know what? I am actually excited about having another girl. I warned Daniel that there will be a lot of estrogen floating around our house, but he was excited anyway. I’ll ask him again when they’re teenagers…

And, to give you a little sneak preview of what’s to come (and some hope that we will be posting again shortly…)


These two were taken on Jeju Island. I am thinking Maya was impersonating the 돌 하루방 (the lava stone grandfather statue that Jeju is famous for in the first photo.