I don’t know if I have ever mentioned this before, but Maya could literally survive as a street urchin here in Seoul. Whenever we go out sightseeing or even to the store somebody gives her something. Some days she lucks out and gets cookies and other days she’s not so lucky and some old grandma or grandpa gives her red ginseng candy. 

With this is mind, let me tell you how Maya made us some money the other night. We were on the subway nearing Sadang on the light blue line when a slightly drunk ajosshi came aboard. He saw Maya and commenced (just like everyone here does) waving and smiling and trying to make her smile and say something in Korean. Maya started to be coy which made the ajosshi try even harder. I was a little bit embarrassed since everyone was watching us. All of a sudden the man hands Maya a 5,000 KRW (roughly equal to 5 USD) and tries to get her to call him 할아버지 (grandfather). We were so surprised and didn’t know what to do and we had to get off the subway to transfer. Maya was quite happy with her prize. 

I don’t believe this girl.