Wow, it’s about time I got on here and did some updating and writing. Especially since we have some pretty big news. Just about a month-and-a-half ago I found out that I am pregnant! I am sure most of you guys are pretty shocked, as were we. Right now, I am about 14 weeks along and doing pretty good. The first while was literally a living nightmare. When I was pregnant with Maya I had a wonderful pregnancy. No morning sickness and lots of energy. But, this pregnancy is completely different. I was sick practically every day, all day long. Plus, I couldn’t eat any Korean food! Nowadays though, I am feeling more energetic, I can eat some Korean food, and I am not sick every single day. Daniel and I are definitely excited and definitely nervous. I heard having two kids is really hard and is totally a different experience than having just one. Our plans have definitely changed, but I think it is for the better. We were planning on being here until next summer but, we are going to be coming home in December (I am due in March). It has been fun being here in Korea and I will miss a lot of things, but it will also be nice to be home again.

I also just finished the summer intensive program I was teaching for. I was a TOEFL speaking instructor for Columbia Language Institute and I definitely learned a ton about the TOEFL. I will definitely miss my coworkers but I don’t think I will miss the hakwon teaching experience too much. Now, I am back to teaching my private students until we leave in December.

Let’s see… we are getting ready for my father-in-law to come and visit us again in September and also getting ready for my parents to come and visit the whole month of October.  Both have promised to load their bags with goodies from the States that I have been craving. 

You know, a lot of people have asked me what Maya thinks of me being pregnant. And to tell you the truth, I don’t think she quite understands yet. I think she will begin to wonder more when I begin to show more and she will definitely wonder when a new baby will be around. But, all she sees is mom laying down bit more and being sick. She’s been such a sweetie. When I’ve been sick on the couch she’s come up to me and said (in a sugary voice), “oh, are you sick? Do you need to take some medicine?” or she will come and scratch my back and say, “There! All better!” And I am also so blessed to have Daniel too. He’s had to cook dinner and wash all the dishes and clean the apartment so many times.