Sorry for the delay. Here is the rest on my dad’s visit, and the things that we did while he was here. Anyone who visits Korea knows that when you come to Seoul, you have to visit one of the old palaces of the Chosun Dynasty. We took my dad to the largest of them called, Gyeongbokkung (경복궁). There is really nothing like it in the US.

Here is one of Marquita as we approach the Queen’s garden:

And here is just a cool shot of Maya and her grandpa:

I think we have a picture of this place in our last post on Gyeongbok Palace, but her it is again with flowers:

This next one is cute. I told you we wore my dad out.

The next day we made a trip to the COEX mall complex, which is a huge underground mall area the size of a city block. There is an aquarium there that we all enjoyed, even though it was a little on the expensive side. I kind of went crazy and took pictures of lots of fish. I’ll spare you those, here are the good ones of us.

Across from the COEX mall is the Bongeunsa Buddhist temple, which was also a cool place to visit.

Then, we had more fun back at the apartment:

My dad’s visit coincided with Maya’s birthday. She is now the big three. She’s so grown up now.

One of her favorite presents was a pair of scissors from grandma. She did really well under supervision. I don’t think we will be letting her free with them though. She has a great imagination, and I’m sure she could find lots of things to cut apart, including books, hair, clothes . . . .

This is great, I never knew this was possible!I think I know what I want to do when i grow up dad, a paper slicer.

We had great fun with my dad when he came, and he said that he had a good time visiting us. I know Maya really enjoyed having him, especially because of all the extra attention. One of the hard things of being in Korea has been being far from family, so we were glad that he made the trip. This was his first time to Asia. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we get to see him again.