Just an update on my gaygeum lessons. I have developed a nice little blister on the inside of my index finger. Plucking the gayageum strings can be very painful until you have developed the necessary calluses on your fingers. At least the blister is in a less conspicous spot unlike violin hickies which just look like hickies on your neck. Haha.

Also, I have had this new found obsession with trying to listen to as much gayageum music as I can in my spare time and I found this interesting video on Google Video through one of my many searches. This is a gayageum improvisation with the Wonder Girls’ song “Tell Me” which, for those of you who didn’t know, swept through South Korea like a storm. It was so popular that people were making videos of themselves doing the addictive dance like crazy and posting them up on the web. Also, even now, you can’t escape references to it on Korean shows. This improv is really good. Take a look:

sorry for any of you who are already really sick of this song.