Like I started talking about before with attitude, living in a foreign country is a tough thing. I would like to write about another thing that has made living abroad a lot easier and fun! Since coming here to Seoul we have met up with some fun and interesting people. I will be the first to jump and say that we have made some really neat friends so far. I consider my students to be friends of mine. I had 5 students (I currently have 4) and all are very different in personality. I spend a couple hours a week with each of them and so we have become comfortable with one another. Having my students also be my friends has made English teaching a lot more fun for me. Daniel has also made many friends while taking Korean classes at Seoul National. I think the first friend he made was with Aaron McKenzie, another fellow American that was in his 3rd level Korean class. Aaron is also interested in a lot of similar things as Daniel and he has a wonderful wife, Na Young. You can see a picture of them here. (Just keep scrolling down to the end of the post). Aaron has helped Daniel a lot, I think. He has introduced Daniel to the Royal Asiatic Society, which they attend together a couple times a month and he has introduced him to a lot of different sites and resources to help him in his research and in learning more about Korea. You can see a link to his blog, Idiot’s Collective, in our links entitled “friends.” Thank you guys so much for everything and we hope to get to know you guys better!

Another friend that Daniel made was also in is 3rd level Korean class. Her name is Megumi and she is from Japan. She’s married to a very nice and fun Korean man named Joo-Young. They met in Canada while studying English and they are so fun to talk with. We invited them over for Thanksgiving dinner and we have been friends since.

What made me think about friends as being a way to make life a lot easier in a foreign country was dinner last night with Megumi and Joo-young. They invited us over to their apartment for dinner and we chatted the night away. The time really did fly since we had to catch a cab home at about 11pm. Megumi made some delicious Japanese food: Japanese-style curry with rice, Dongkass, a Japanese-style pork cutlet, some home-made naan bread (to give us an Indian flare), a wonderful green salad and fruit salad. Everything was absolutely delicious!

Here is a pic of the dinner setting:


what I love about Megumi is that she is so nice and she has a lot of similar interests as I do. We both like to cook (especially trying out different recipes and different countries’ food) and we both like entertaining guests and having fun with our hubbies.

Here is a picture of the chef extraordinaire (can you believe that she is 3 months pregnant?):


Here is Joo-young. What he told me before I took the picture: “I am really shy in front of cameras.”


Thanks so much guys for everything and for such a fun evening!

Friends are definitely something everyone needs, especially when you have to live in a different place. We are definitely looking forward to meeting up with these wonderful people more often and with meeting even more new people!