First of all, I must also take a moment to apologize for the word famine that we have put our readers through of late. We have been stuck in the ironic cycle of having so many things to write about that we don’t have much time to actually write them. However, the buz of discontent from our readers has grown sufficient enough that we dare not wait another day. On that note, thank you readers for being so interested in our blog. This post goes out to you.

If you saw the title, then by now you are wondering what “the munch” is. In fact, words alone cannot entirely tell, nor can the pictures or video below. What I can provide you is merely a peek, a window into a little person who overflows my life with joy each day. Sorry if that sounds cheezy, but it’s true. “The munch” is actually short for “the munchkin” and refers to my one and only beautiful baby girl, Maya. I personally selected the name somewhat randomly over a year ago and it has been fitting ever since. However, Marquita has chosen to deviate from my selection with her own creative title “munchy,” which (I was just informed) she prefers spelled “munchie.” Whichever version you prefer, Maya does a good job of living up to both titles.

Me the Munch

The munch is unceasingly full of energy, and she has the cutest smile and laugh to back it. She might look smaller than us, but she packs a powerful punch backed by an equally powerful attitude. Countless times, entirely unprovoked, she has spontaneously attacked me while reading on the couch or walking down the hall. By the time I get my bearings I am lying on the floor, and the munch is running off with her characteristic giggle of content. Of course not to be outdone, I follow after and get my revenge with tickle torture, or over-daddy’s-shoulder spin torture.Plaid Munch

“The munch” is a fitting title for a few reasons. She is small. She is clever. She will recite the reasons why she shouldn’t play in the sink, as she is playing in the sink. She loves to sing and dance. She loves to draw. She loves to climb, particularly on daddy and omma. She has the do what I want to, when I want to, how I want to, all by my big self attitude. But most of the time she is as sweet as can be. She even loves to help sweep the floor, clear the table, and make the bed. She is also the munch because I want to eat her (figuratively of course), and because she will munch most good foods made available to her. We are blessed that she is not a picky eater, however, it is hard for her to throttle down long enough to eat a full meal.

Munch time is all the time; check out that cute grape juice smile.

Munch Time

Even though she often wears us out, we are so blessed that she is part of our lives.

Munch and Mom

Munch and Dad

Additional good times:

Munches Away! (OK, I admit it, I am the bad man that pushed her down)


Cooking Munch

Zzzzzz Munch


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and ABCs with a few letters missing:

One of the munch’s favorite snacks–a tasty Korean choco pie: