Wow, today must be the day to post about Maya….

Daniel mentioned this a little bit in his last post, The Munch. Maya loves to draw! At first she just scribbled, then it turned into lines. Not long after that she was filling pages after pages with little circles. Her latest creation? Faces. She has figured out how to draw faces. They are simple, just a circle with two smaller circles for eyes and a line for a mouth, but, I am very proud of her.

Here is some of her artwork:



Here is the artist at work:


She can also draw spiders. Basically, a face with legs attached. Here are some samples:


Here are some professional cubist pieces, this one by Edward Longo:



The one on the left is by Sonya Paz. The title is The Three Faces of Eve. The one on the right is by Maya Dowler, entitled Face #1000. Hmmm, do I have a little cubist on my hand…