Because of the National Elections, we found ourselves winding through a ridiculously narrow street lined with dozens of wholesale shoe vendors pushing mountains of shoes for a cheap price. Daniel had no class that day and Maya was in dire need for some new boots so Dongdaemun seemed like the most logical choice for our sightseeing trip that day; Daniel had never been and Dongdaemun is known to be the mecca of cheap clothing items in Korea. After making a complete turn through the sea of endless shoe stands (and not wanting to think that there were other such streets just around the corner) we finally settled for a pair of boots that I think will be great for Maya. After that we searched for a place to eat. We ate at the food court in the Doota building. Here are some pictures of us enjoying our 돌솥 비빔밥 (bibimbap served in a hot stone bowl), it was a great meal to warm us up.




After lunch we shopped around in the Doota building and found a couple of more gifts; one for my grandpa and one for a friend of ours.

Here are our spoils:



Nowadays people know Dongdaemun for the shopping. But, Dongdaemun actually means ‘Great East Gate’ and was the major Eastern gate in the wall that surrounded Seoul during the Joseon Dynasty. The first two pictures on this post are of the Gate. It always amazes me to see the old palaces and gates from the Joseon Dynasty standing strong next to the modern skyscrapers that are common here in Seoul. Korea has really modernized with amazing speed and seeing the old next to the new is just a testament to this modernization.