I hear each little bottle softly click the next as I search for the perfect spice

turmeric, parsley, rosemary

each various spice valued for its unique flavor—

sweet basil, smoky cumin, exotic coriander

each spice easily accessible; each one waiting in my ideal kitchen ready for use. Where would the world’s foods be without each wonderful spice?

tasteless, lacking in savory aroma, an unwanted visitor to our palate

The spice rack, just as important as the knife or the cutting board, is indispensable to any chef or amateur cook. Oh, spice rack, how much I miss you!


note: Korean food uses very different spices so it is very hard to find some of the more common spices we use in Western food or in other ethnic foods.

note: I don’t have my spice rack here in Korea. Luckily, my mom is sending some spice in my next package.