One of my neatest experiences so far has been attending Korean classes at Seoul National University. It’s an intense four hours everyday of trying to cram as much into my brain as possible and hope it sticks. My classmates are quite the international group; they are from China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, Bolivia, Denmark, Mongolia, and, oh yes, there is one other guy from the US. In this next picture there is one classmate from Denmark, China, and Japan, and two classmates from Mongolia–try and match faces to places.


If it helps, there names from left to right (as best I can sound them out) are Megumi, Eh Heng, Pu Rup, Ee Ongol, and Po.

It still boggles my mind that  people from  so many  different  parts of the world came together to study Korean in the same class. I’ve never had a class quite like it, and it is actually really cool. 

Last week we had a class together where we learned how to make bulgogi, which is a delicious Korean meat dish. We also learned how to make buchim cheon, which has a pancake concept, but is much different from a pancake in taste. Here are some pics of us cooking together:  cooking1.jpg  cooking2.jpg   cooking3.jpg  cooking4.jpg   cooking5.jpg  cooking6.jpg  cooking7.jpg  cooking8.jpg   cooking9.jpg

This next one is of us getting ready to cook. We were happy that we didn’t have to be sitting in class. I am the tall American in the back in case you were wondering. Aaron, the other tall American wasn’t there that day.


It turns out there were several classes in the kitchen together learning to cook bulgogi, so our teachers were running all over the place trying to help us all. kyosunim2.jpg kyosunim.jpg

Once we were done cooking, we were able to eat. I must confess that we did a superb job.



We got to leave class a little early after we got done cooking, but we all kind of didn’t want to go because of the fun we had been having. Even though it is hard to communicate with my classmates, it is neat how much we connect because of what we have in common.


I’m really glad I’ve had this opportunity to come to Korea and have the experience of not just Korea, but of making friendships with people from such diverse cultures–to me, it’s nothing short of amazing.